University HEIDI API Adapter

Kellerton have recently launched their new HEIDI API adapter. Acting on a request from one of the largest teaching universities, Kellerton has built an adapter to allow universities to connect to the latest HEIDI API from HESA. It allows real time access to higher education datasets to be embedded in the University’s own BI dashboards enabling instant competitor analysis at critical times in the year as well as a detailed analysis of historical data. We had over 40 people attend our first webinar in February and will be putting a video on our website shortly.


What we do

Information and business intelligence

Management reporting
Business intelligence (BI)
Management information (MI)
Enterprise performance management (EPM)
Financial reporting and management accounts
Performance management
Data warehousing

We provide expert advice on:

Understanding requirements and information needs
Review of existing reporting systems and processes
Choosing the right solution
Building a business case
Technical design and implementation
Business implementation
Changing processes and recruiting/developing skills
Choice of software
Business improvement through better reporting

We provide competitive delivery of:

Reports and dashboards
Management information systems
Data warehouses
Reporting solutions


Why Kellerton?

The most important factor in choosing a consultancy to partner with for your information strategy and reporting needs should be the specialist focus on information and business intelligence. There are a number of key differences from typical system implementation and business strategy engagements that make reporting projects different and therefore specialism is key. Examples are:

  • Reporting is about communication and therefore intrinsically linked to your company strategy rather than operational processes
  • As there is limited process improvement, the business case for investment must be built on better decision making
  • Reporting and BI implementations are data-centric which means they can't be 100% designed up front and aren't 100% tested until live
  • These projects therefore require a uniquely specialised design, quality assurance and project management function

Industry expertise is the next most important because it is the understanding of the information requirements and their benefits to the business as well as the complexity of the business process and data model that is key. Knowledge of common source systems is also a benefit.