business intelligence

Management reporting . Business intelligence (BI)
Management information (MI) . Dashboards
Enterprise performance management (EPM)
Financial reporting and management accounts
Performance management . Data warehousing

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our expert advice

BI strategy . BI review
BI requirements . Building a business case
Choosing the right solution and software
Technical design and implementation
Business process change and developing skills
Business improvement through better reporting

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why kellerton

Specialist focus on business intelligence
Design of reporting to communicate company strategy
Building a business case on better decision making
Experts at managing and QA'ing data-centric projects
Industry expertise and knowledge of common systems

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Big data, Predictive analytics, Cloud and In-memory

Is your business intelligence strategy up to date? Are you on track with or ahead of your competitors? Business intelligence is a great value-add when times are good but when markets change and times are tough, it becomes critical. Will you be ready? Are you up to date?