BI strategy or review

BI strategy or review

An organisations information strategy should be the starting point for any investment in reporting systems and software. It is a business strategy document that lays out the information needs of the organisation from the board to the front line and shows how people, processes and technology will change to allow the organisation to reach its goals through the use of its own information.

This business information strategy may include all or some of the following:

  • Information requirements for the next 3-5 years
  • Business performance and/or financial benefits of improved information
  • Current reporting technology review
  • Current reporting process and culture review
  • Key systems review of data capture, data management and data quality
  • An information road-map
  • Business process improvements within reporting, data management and information collection processes
  • Appraisal of reporting software needs
  • Skills review and training recommendations
  • Business case for investment

We would normally conduct some form of information strategy review at the outset of any BI or data warehouse project or before embarking on a performance management initiative or KPI review.

Although the primary focus of an information strategy should be the business and ultimately the shareholders or stakeholders in the business, there is also a need in large organisations to look at this from an IT perspective. Often called an information management strategy, a CIO focused review of an organisations data and how it is used can also be produced. As well as some of the elements above, this may include:

  • Data governance review and recommendations
  • Master data management strategy
  • Storage and security strategies
  • MI systems enterprise architecture

As well as information advisory, we can also help to implement the strategy by defining and designing a practical reporting project, working with your senior management from a business implementation perspective and coordinating strategy and reporting to improve business performance.

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