Dashboards & reports

Analytics, Reporting and Information portals


Modern toolsets provide a wealth of mechanisms to analyse data in a visually stimulating way but despite aiming to self-serve managers, business needs are often only met by customising dashboards and reports for specific managers needs, supplemented by some kind of advanced analytic team that is able to slice and dice the data in a more thorough and time consuming way, providing specific visualisations to the business for specific purposes.

The relatively new introduction of data science into the mix brings statistical and computational techniques to the field of expert data analysts but often need supplementing with traditional business intelligence experts as data scientists have quite a different background. It also introduces the requirement for new tools (R and Python amongst others) and the additional challenge of productionising and publishing innovative analytic models to a wider audience.

Kellerton can help understand your true requirements and both advise on appropriate software and licencing as well as teams, skills and processes to ensure they are met. We can design initial analytic and reporting packs or work with you to amend existing output to better match business performance improvement. 


Despite the significant advances in visualisation technologies and cloud based integrated platforms, there is still a need in many organisations for traditional reporting. This might be a monthly management pack, management accounts, detailed sales reporting or any other transactional data sliced and diced for traditional human review.

Customers who have embraced the likes of Tableau, Qlikview and Microsoft PowerBI for enterprise-wide use are frequently either complaining or complimenting with more traditional tools to produce plain old reports. Kellerton can help design platforms and advise on technology stacks to ensure that the need for guided analysis, ad-hoc report building and scheduled reporting are still met.

Information portals

“Business users cannot find the information they are looking for”. How many times have you heard that? Often this is simply about putting things in the same place and making them easily searchable and accessible. A good reporting portal can make accessing a number of different products and technologies as well as manual Excel reports look seamless. It can also cut through the politics associated with different functions and departments responsible for different reports.

Kellerton have a proven approach to producing bespoke reporting portals using either their own software or standard dashboard tools. Have a look at our demonstration portal. Portal features include browse and search capabilities, a glossary and data dictionary, seamless access to multiple document types and customisation based on users function and level.