Retail & Leisure

Retail & leisure

The retail and leisure sector has never been more competitive and early adopters of Business Intelligence (BI) or those enjoying previously relaxed positions within their sectors can quickly find themselves behind the curve. This means they can’t pinpoint issues quickly enough to react and struggle to make best use of the latest in e-commerce, social networking and ‘big data’ opportunities to attract and retain consumers.

In the ever expanding world of E-commerce, some of the challenge with business intelligence is quite different from the norm. On the one hand, it is accepted that good customer behavior information is at the heart of business success but on the other, there is often too much rather than too little information available. It is easy for organisations to become overwhelmed with analysis and a tendency for different groups of analysts to bring with them different technologies. Marketing want an insight tool, Finance want an analytical application, Operations want dashboards and the Managing Director wants a performance management tool.

Having advised on a significant strategic implementation at one of the UK’s largest online gaming companies, one of our partners understands these challenges and can help your retail or business-to-business organisation to form a joined up approach to business intelligence. We are also working with a large FTSE 100 global attraction company and helping them with the challenges of traditional yield management in a climate of changing customer behaviours of the iPhone generation.

Both of these engagements began with an information strategy review.