Higher Education is a key sector for Kellerton with a strong background advising on BI strategy and solutions at UK universities and a number of interesting recent projects as well as some specific software products.


Latest news

We have just released a new version of our HEIDI API adapter, to allow Universities better access to the HEIDI data set in their own dashboards. The new version is now compatible with many more common BI tools as well as providing enhanced integration capabilities.

Our expertise in the sector

Good information on the current student body and new student recruitment remains a key factor in strategic financial planning for a constantly evolving market from a student choice, fees and international recruitment perspective.

Having worked with a number of the larger teaching institutions as well as some red bricks, Managing Partner Chris Kwouk says “With a high burden of external reporting that every University is geared up to produce, the gaps are often with the internal data, either getting practical "bums on seats” numbers to plan teaching resources or in truly combining data to enable income and capital planning to match market expectations, portfolio and resource planning."

DashboardWe've been working with a number of Universities recently including The University of Greenwich, Bournemouth University and Plymouth University. Projects have included working with some of the latest technology to produce a BI portal for one institution and BI dashboards on integrated data and visual planning tools at another.

With expert knowledge in the sector we are able to offer a solution to the most common requirements at a fixed price, despite a fully bespoke solution for your exact requirements based on your market position and a partnership delivery model where you can involve your own resources and support your own solution.

We can help with a number of key requirements in the sector including: