Registered Social Landlords (RSL’s), Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMOs) and Local Authority housing departments all have a similar challenge in terms of information and reporting on a complex set of processes from asset management, development and financial planning to customer complaints, income/debt management and repairs/maintenance services. Changes introduced by the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and Universal Credit will likely add further pressures to the sector, particularly in terms of housing needs and debt management. Read our article on how this affects the management information challenge.

With a significant performance focus as well as substantial operational reporting from complex systems like Northgate and Orchard, the sector sometimes struggle to truly link internal and external performance measures and KPIs to both strategy and front line management information, bringing all that data together consistently and reliably. As well as the strategic benefits, good MI can also lead to significant practical benefits where better information can give rise to increased customer satisfaction & advocacy, service performance and financial improvements. Two good examples are:

1) Monitoring the arrears process on a stage-by-stage basis and understanding the relative breakdown of debt by the likelihood of collection allows limited resources to target the right debt at the right time.  This can improve both actual £ debt and core KPIs (such as % of arrears) more effectively than over-simplistic targeting of long standing large debts that are far less recoverable. The ability to understand the ‘recover-ability’ of debt is likely to be integral to effectively managing the changes introduced through Universal Credit.

2) Reporting on the timeliness, cost overrun and quality of repairs on a job by job basis allows for improved performance both in the call centre and in managing the contractor on a far more constructive baiss than high level KPIs alone.

With expert knowledge in the sector we are able to offer practical advice, solutions to common problems and a partnership delivery approach where you can involve your own resources and support your own solutions.

Common requirements include:

  • Planning and implementing an information management strategy
  • Improving transaction reporting on iWorld or Orchard
  • Housing management data warehouse (rental income, arrears, tenancy, property register, diversity etc.)
  • Responsive repairs data warehouse and reporting (timeliness KPIs, cost analysis, contractor/internal performance)
  • Call centre data warehouse and reporting (telephony, complaints, ASB etc.)