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We always start with the business information requirements but ultimately, the solution is a technical project with some combination of industry standard reporting software, customisation and report building. Consequently the recommendation of reporting and BI solutions is one of our core advisory services.

We are completely independent of software vendors and will only recommend one or another based on your specific requirements, preferences and existing investments and skill sets. Having said that, we are of course used to closely collaborating with the big players like SAP and Microsoft and can use our contacts there to help navigate the sales process to get you the software that you need.

Whilst we encourage clients to be self-sufficient as much as possible in the development and maintenance of both data warehouses and reports, there is one key part of the process where it is always worth taking expert external advice. That is in the design of data structures for reporting. Our solution architects will be producing many many data models every year and will benefit from the kind of experience that is much harder for your own staff to develop if they have only one data model to maintain.

Reporting and BI implementations are data-centric which means they can’t be 100% designed up front and aren’t 100% tested until live which means that these projects also require a uniquely specialised project management function which we can provide either fully or on an advice and guidance basis in order to mentor your IT project manager on running a BI implementation.

Typical services are:

  • Data warehouse design
  • BI solution design
  • BI solution architecture quality assurance (QA)
  • BI project management (full time or advisory and QA)

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