Delivery services

Our strategy is to provide competitive and flexible delivery options to complement our expert advisory work. We offer contractor competitive rates for fixed term resourcing of data warehousing, ETL and reporting work in a variety of technologies. We offer fixed price work for common data warehouse requirements in our specialist industry sectors, even where your resources are part of the team. We work with carefully selected partners to provide large scale delivery teams and we can also help you find permanent resources for your own team so as to provide a one stop shop for business intelligence.

We don’t insist on all the external delivery resources coming through us but we aim to work with you to ensure that this is the best overall option for you. We also aim to  create self-sufficiency through working in partnership and mentoring your team. In conjunction with this we provide ongoing specialist support options to compliment your own arrangements so that you have a low cost but high expertise support function.

The best delivery is guaranteed by expert design and project management skills which we provide through our advisory services.